410 | December Live Q&A with Brendan Mahan, Will Curb, MJ Siemens, ADHD reWired Coaches Moira Maybin & Roxie Martin, and Barb!

Join the ADHD reWired Podcast Family every second Tuesday of the month for a Live Q&A! In this Q&A episode, you’ll hear Eric, Barb, Brendan, Will, MJ, Moira, and Roxie answer your ADHD-related questions!  The questions you’ll here answered in this episode: (The following questions asked in the episode have been paraphrased below.)  I can’t be medicated, even for ADHD. I will have exciting things I’m involved in, then I have an episode that makes me feel rejected and I fall into a rumination dive and it takes me a while to get back up. I’m trying to find a way to catch myself sooner, get out of it sooner, so I can continue on the path towards my goal and keep my momentum going. I have started on meds and am having trouble unwinding and slowing my brain down at the end of the day. I wanted to know what your tips are for some of that. How do Time-Timers work?  Bonus: Panelists also share some of the other time-tracking tools they use!  I’m looking for tips on how to help my partner understand what ADHD is and what it isn’t. My partner is neurotypical. My partner seems to not believe ADHD is a real thing, or that it’s a crutch to misplace things. How can I get him to understand?  I was just diagnosed about two months ago. I’m navigating this new identity and trying to find my community. I’m trying to figure out how to navigate who to tell and how to know who to tell. I’ve had some conversations go surprisingly well and others not go so well. How do you handle being true to yourself while also protecting yourself?  Are there any personal assistants that understand ADHD and could help keep me accountable?  Check out the Other Podcasts on the ADHD reWired Podcast Network: with Brendan Mahan with Will Curb with MJ Siemens with Moira Maybin coming soon – Wait, What Was the Question? with Will Curb and Coach Roxie Martin! Reach out to Will and Roxie at questions@whatwasthequestionpodcast.com  Don’t Forget These, Too: — Support the show by becoming a Patron! — Get your name on the waitlist to join the fall season of ADHD reWired’s Coaching and Accountability Groups — Join your ADHD-friendly co-working space! — Join Eric, Brendan, Will, MJ, Moira, Roxie, and Barb for an hour of Live Q&A on Zoom, every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 12:30pm Central (10:30am Pacific / 1:30pm Eastern)

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