417 | Automation Tools with Brittany Smith

In this episode, Brittany Smith returns to the podcast! Eric and Brittany share some of the digital automation tools they use, such as battery delivery for Tile, automated messages, using smart-lights, setting reminders and routines, and more! You will also hear Eric and Brittany talk about some of the pain-points they attempted to solve using apps and automation. About Brittany: Brittany is a productivity, ADHD, and technology coach and recently published her first course, “From Aggravated to Navigated: Choosing a task-management system with ADHD”. She has a Masters of Science degree in Cognitive Neuroscience lab at the University of Oregon. Brittany uses geeky pop-culture and cognitive science to help her clients and ADHD Guild members get more done with less stress.  Connect with Brittany: Questions Answered In this Episode: How does Brittany use automation?  What is the importance of ‘stability’ when using apps for automation?  What can you do with smart-bulbs? Can automation help routines?  If someone has been thinking about getting into automation but they haven’t purchased anything yet to start (smart switches, smart devices, smart bulbs, etc.), is it a good idea to stick with one platform? Why? What is Tile? What does the premium version of Tile do?  What is the Shortcuts app? (for iOS users only) What are some good uses for an ADHD life?  What is possible with automation?  Can finances be automated?  Before jumping into automation tools, here are some questions to consider before you start: How can I scaffold my executive functions through automation? What exactly do you want from automation?  Where is your pain point where automation can help? What are the fiddly things that you would like to have happen for you? What’s really going to make a dramatic difference in your life?  Honorable Mentions & Resources: (iOS only) (Android™ and Apple® compatible)  (iOS only)     “If This Then That” (Android™ and Apple® compatible)  For our listeners who are PC and Android™ users – What tools do you use, if any, to automate your executive functions in your daily life? Share it with us on our website at  

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