420 | Leading with ADHD – with Sherri Cannon

In this episode, Eric is joined by Sherri, a CEO/executive coach and facilitator who was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 40. Her mission: Equip ADHD leaders to confidently lead by example making every workplace friendlier for all brains. She has led leadership teams, developed programs for diverse organizations around the world. Before turning entrepreneur, Sherri worked at Procter & Gamble where she climbed from a soap sales-rep (yes, bars of soap!) to Southern California district sales manager. Hear Eric and Sherri talk about self-acceptance, imposter syndrome, and her journey into leadership training. You’ll hear about the executive-functioning drain of meetings, Sherri’s suggestions on running better “meetings”, and the importance of fun and communication. It’s about identifying the needs and challenges are, then coming up with processes to fall to in order to do the things you’re wanting to do.  Connect with Sherri: Topics & Questions in this Episode: How did Sherri go from selling soap to coaching leaders? What is the importance of self-awareness?  How did Sherri’s ADHD diagnosis affect her work work?  After the tech-boom, what drew Sherri back into coaching executives?  What does it look like to be dialed in with self-awareness? When working with leaders with ADHD, what are some of the common challenges that leaders go to Sherri with? Which struggles are most common?  How do we make sure that, when our teams are together, that everybody’s going with, “Yes! That’s what we agreed on!”? How can a leader be constantly increasing self-awareness? What is the importance of feedback? Can there really be 5-minute meetings or conversations?  What is the importance of experimentation in leadership?   Resources & Honorable Mentions: Book:  Book:  Book:    “You cannot overstate the importance of having someone believe in you.” – Eric “…Communication is not what’s said, it’s about what’s received.” – Eric  “There’s so much gold laying around us all the time as neurodiverse folks!” – Sherri

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