422 | Tik Tok’s Coach with Ryan Mayer

In this episode, Eric is joined by Ryan Mayer who you might have seen on TikTok! Ryan is a performance and mindset coach on a mission to help others navigate through the storms caused by ADHD. He calls on first-hand experience to help his clients who, like him, are falling short at work and at home. He helps others to believe in themselves again through empathy, enthusiasm, and education. Ryan’s coaching empowers others to live a happier life. You’ll hear Ryan share his experience in corporate-America, his journey to becoming an ADHD coach, and the importance of finding a path that suits your strengths and personality. You will also learn the ways that Ryan and Eric use accountability, how crucial accountability is to getting things done, and how Ryan draws from his personal life to create his content on TikTok.  Other Topics & Questions in this Episode: How do you not get stuck on TikTok?  What are the nuances of accountability that makes it work?  Is it a good idea for your spouse to be your accountability partner? What does Ryan mean by “Walking the razor’s edge”? Follow & Connect with Ryan: Website: Instagram: TikTok:   Resources & Honorable Mentions: Community:   Tool:   Book: Book:   Book: Episode:   Episode: Episode:   Episode:

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