425 | The Neurodiverse Safe Work Initiative with Catherine Lee

In this episode, Eric is joined by Catherine Lee, the director of Lethbridge Piper & Associates, an Australian occupational health and safety management consultancy.  For 30 years, Catherine has advised employers, CEOs, boards, executives, and leadership teams on strategic health and safety management.  She holds post-graduate degrees in occupational health and safety management and is a certified occupational health and safety professional. Catherine created the Neurodiverse Safe Initiative for making work safe, healthy, and inclusive for neurodiverse workers.  Get her ebook Other Topics & Questions in this Episode: How did Catherine’s work in occupational health and safety lead to her own diagnosis?  Under what circumstances may an employee with ADHD feel like they need to stop taking their medication? What is the potential value of a person with ADHD, or any person who is neurodiverse, as an employee?  How is Catherine getting the information she’s gathered into places of employment for leaders and management to understand what safety and acceptance really means in the workplace? How can employers integrate neurodiverse persons in their companies?  What’s the “selling point” for people/employers who are not empathetic towards different kinds of brains? Resources & Honorable Mentions: Website:   Podcast:   Discover the ADHD reWired Podcast Family: with Brendan Mahan with Will Curb with MJ Siemens

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