453 | Find What Works for You with Marie Ng

It’s not too late to get registered for the Annual International Conference on ADHD!  You can join virtually or in-person in Dallas, Texas!  Listeners of ADHD reWired can get 15% off their registration by going to or use the promo code adhdrewiredadhdcon2022 at checkout!  This week, Eric is joined by Marie Ng, the solo-founder of Llama Life!  Marie has worn many hats, including experience in advertising, working in corporate environments, teaching herself how to code, and startups.   In this episode, you’ll hear about Marie’s experiences in the corporate world, how she found out about her own ADHD, what it was like working in an open space sitting across from her boss, and her entrepreneurial spirit.  Eric and Marie also cover topics like failure, resilience, and the importance of finding what you love.  Check out Marie’s productivity tool, Llama Life at .  Llama life doesn’t just help you create your to-do lists, it helps you work through your list and helps manage your attention that  keeps you engaged by making it fun!  Get in touch with Marie on Twitter:   Other Questions/Topics Answered in this Episode: [00:02:38]  When did Marie’s ADHD journey begin?  [00:10:37]  Did Marie ever think she would be working for herself?  [00:13:16]  What is Llama Life all about?  [00:14:04]  How does Llama life help you work through your lists?  [00:15:36]  Thoughts on countdown timers & a feature-request [00:21:19]  Are there any lessons Marie can share about transitioning from working a corporate job to being self-employed?  [00:28:37]  Marie shares the ups and downs of her startups and shares thoughts about failure and bouncing back [00:31:49]  “What’s the alternative? What’s the other choice?” Why did this resonate with Marie?  [00:41:36]  What are some big lessons that can be applied to designing a life that is more ADHD friendly?  [00:51:20]  Setting up for “failure” vs. setting up for learning [00:54:36]  Eric asks Marie about perfectionism Resources & Honorable Mentions: Mood-tracking app:   Check out the Other Podcasts on the ADHD reWired Podcast Network: with Brendan Mahan with Will Curb with MJ Siemens  

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