454 | October 2022 Live Q&A with the ADHD reWired Podcast Team + ADHD reWired Coaches!

Join the ADHD reWired Team every second Tuesday of the month for our monthly Live Q&A!  Go to to register so you can join us on Zoom and ask your questions live!  And get the full and ad-free version of this episode when you become a Patron at $5.00 a month or more by going to !   Questions & Topics in this Episode: [00:04:58] “What are your tips for taking yourself out of hyperfocus?” [00:08:24] Tips on managing overwhelm, to-do lists, and cues for coming back to our lists  [0019:09] A listener who was recently diagnosed asks about impulsivity and food in a work environment.  [00:27:14] “How do you help someone who definitely needs help and support, but isn’t ready, doesn’t want it, or feels that they don’t need it, but at the same time, they’re constantly feeling overwhelmed and can’t manage?” [00:36:31] Will Curb gives an update from last month’s episode and talks about making trying different foods fun for kids. [0038:04] Ideas for incorporating exercise and body movement. [00:43:29] Suggestions for managing impulsive behaviors, setting boundaries when making plans with other people, and online shopping.  Resources & Honorable Mentions: Hacking your ADHD Episode:   Alarm App:   Alarm App: (Android) Alarm App: (Apple)  Check out the Other Podcasts on the ADHD reWired Podcast Network: with Brendan Mahan with Will Curb with MJ Siemens The Annual International Conference on ADHD is coming soon!  Join virtually or in person in Dallas, Texas!  Then, listeners of ADHD reWired can get 15% off your registration at !  Or use the promo code adhdrewiredadhdcon2022 at checkout!

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