461 | Why Treat ADHD? with Ryan Sultan, MD

This week, Eric is joined by Dr. Ryan Sultan, a mental health physician, therapist and researcher at Columbia University.  ADHD is a major area of Dr. Sultan’s expertise both in his medical practice and in research.   In this episode, you’ll hear Eric and Dr. Ryan discuss why it’s important to treat ADHD, the nuances of research, his reasons for getting into the ADHD space, and whether or not ADHD is underdiagnosed or overdiagnosed.  Find out more about Dr. Ryan Sultan at https://www.integrativepsych.nyc/experts/dr-ryan-sultan & Find more available psychiatrists and other professionals for adult ADHD in the New York and New York City area at https://www.integrativepsych.nyc/resources/adult-adhd-psychiatrists-in-nyc Other Questions/Topics Answered in this Episode: [00:01:17] What drove Dr. Ryan to become interested in the ADHD space?  [00:03:14] How does Dr. Ryan respond to other medical professionals who say ADHD is overdiagnosed or doesn’t believe ADHD is real?  [00:05:00] Eric and Dr. Ryan talk about the missing statistics of girls and women being diagnosed with ADHD.   [00:06:10] What happens when we don’t treat ADHD?  [00:07:40] What does it mean to treat ADHD, and what treatment is most effective? [00:11:31] A discussion on Eric and Dr. Ryan’s experience with ADHD medication.   [00:13:55] What does research say about addiction and ADHD medication?  [00:22:12] Dr. Ryan talks about coming out about his ADHD, his journey with his diagnosis, self-esteem, academics, and healing. [00:25:29] How did Dr. Ryan get through med school?  [00:27:30] A conversation about the nuances of research, headlines, and TikTok.   [00:36:05] What is Dr. Ryan studying now?   [00:37:55] Have there been any changes in the diagnostic picture with regards to who is seeking an ADHD evaluation and treatment?  [00:40:15] Eric and Dr. Ryan share their observations about ADHD and autism.  [00:43:25] Eric has an ADHD moment, then Dr. Ryan asks about tele-health.  [00:46:37] Dr. Ryan shares some final thoughts. Check out the Other Podcasts on the ADHD reWired Podcast Network: with Brendan Mahan with Will Curb with MJ Siemens

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