463 | December 2022 Live Q&A with the ADHD reWired Podcast Team & ADHD reWired Coaches!

Join the ADHD reWired Team every second Tuesday of the month for our monthly Live Q&A!  Hear all the questions in the full ad-free version of this episode when you become a Patron at $5.00 a month or more by going to adhdrewired.com/Patreon   Questions & Topics in this Episode: [00:03:41] “I was wondering if someone knows about an already existing group for business owners who have ADHD.” [00:05:02] A listener asks about setting and following through with their intentions as they are in the new phase of life: Retirement.  [00:06:57] Our listener and panelists talk about getting more physical activity.  [00:11:08] “You’re allowed to take some time to transition.” – Brendan Mahan [00:13:11] “I am a helper and I sometimes jump into helping-situations without even thinking about it.”  [00:20:20] Emily, who started their own business, asks about outcome-goals vs. process-goals for their business.  [00:25:06] “I’ve been trying to get into live-streaming, but it still feels like something’s missing.   [00:27:16] Panelists give tips on energy management and routines.   [00:30:22] “Do you have any advice for when we find ourselves frozen in total overwhelm?” [00:38:00] “…I heard you and a podcast guest lament the challenges you both have in grocery stores. Could you explain why this is such a thing for those with ADHD?” [00:43:33] “You mentioned dealing with emotional dysregulation before doing ADHD reWired’s Coaching & Accountability Groups.  I’ve only recently started coming to grips with this.  Can you say something about this and offer some suggestions in managing emotional dysregulation?  [00:49:45] A moment of Dad… Check out the Other Podcasts on the ADHD reWired Podcast Network: with Brendan Mahan with Will Curb with MJ Siemens  

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