465 | Creating Order from Chaos: An AuDHD Story with Shane Thrapp

This week, Eric is joined by Shane Thrapp, a certified ADHD, life, relationship and career coach! Through his business, Creating Order from Chaos, Shane has helped hundreds of people find their paths through the chaos of life with ADHD and find their order and purpose.  With both an ADHD and autism diagnosis, he is the operations director for The Non-Profit Men’s ADHD Support Group, a board member for the Inattentive ADHD Coalition, and a public speaker who works to be a voice and advocate for adult ADHD awareness.   Find Shane on Instagram @creatingorderfromchaoscoaching Other Questions/Topics Answered in this Episode: [00:02:49] Shane shares his life starting in northeast Texas living growing up on a farm.  [00:05:30] Shane’s journey of getting an ADHD and autism diagnosis [00:11:48] What was Shane’s process to figure out what the challenges were, and how did he identify his areas of chaos?  [00:18:39] From project management to turning life into a project [00:19:45] “I just knew I was different. That’s the one steady factor that’s always been a part of my life.” -Shane  [00:21:18] Eric asks Shane about masking and showing up.  [00:23:04] “My father was Chaos.”  [00:25:59] Shane tells his story navigating through school.  [00:27:43] “Other worlds were more important than my world,” and a discussion about coping and numbing.  [00:31:00] Shane opens up about his relationship. [00:37:14] How did learning about ADHD change the way Shane looks at his past? Shane also shares about his passion for learning about ADHD.  [00:40:22] “I did the wrong thing… As long as I wasn’t being my father… I was fine.” [00:48:08] What sparked Shane’s interest in working with and leading an ADHD support group? And a closing inspirational story.   Resources & Honorable Mentions: Inattentive ADHD Coalition at iadhd.org   Men’s ADHD Support Group (Facebook): Website:   Check out the Other Podcasts on the ADHD reWired Podcast Network: with Brendan Mahan with Will Curb with MJ Siemens

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