467 | To Leverage Our Strengths & Own Our Challenges with Marina Piscolish

Marina Piscolish joins Eric on the podcast this week to talk about leveraging strengths and owning the challenges.  Marina is the president and founder of Mapping Change LLC, a small consulting business born of her passion for harnessing the transformative power of conflict to create positive changes for individuals, teams, and organizations. Being born in rural Pennsylvania as a coal-miner’s daughter and a grandchild of immigrants  provided helpful preparation for her work, especially in Hawaii and the broader pacific.  As she continues developing ways of working with culture, identities, sense-of-place, history, and trauma, her early struggle with her own undiagnosed ADHD was a defining influence on her career and life. Now, Marina focuses on making creative accommodations for her ‘limitations’ and leverages  her neurodivergence as an asset for her business, her clients, and the people close to her.   Learn more about Marina:  Website: Mappingchange.com Email:   Other Questions/Topics Answered in this Episode: [00:03:16] Marina shares her story about how she found ADHD reWired, her experience in the coaching groups, and her life growing up in a small town with a large family, all with similar challenges.  [00:05:36] “Emotional pain is the distance between […] your expectations [and] reality.”  [00:07:59] Marina talks about the build up of shame and being unwilling to share or get help.  [00:09:22] A relatable moment of overwhelm and avoiding the ‘pain of success.’  [00:11:29] What’s the difference between acceptance and embracing ADHD? [00:14:39] “That may be true, and I’m afraid that may be true, but what do I do about where I am?”  [00:22:15] Eric and Marina have a discussion about “administrivia.”  [00:23:19] Marina shares how she became curious about her ADHD and exploring how neurodivergence is the cause of her success.  [00:26:01] Joy through acceptance and seeking support and assistance.  [00:26:26] Eric asks Marina about what she communicated when going through the process of hiring an assistant.  [00:30:59] Maria gives an insight that was shared with her. [00:41:15] A discussion about hiring and trading services in the midst of the pandemic.  [00:48:04] What are a couple of ideas/tips/strategies Marina has for folks with ADHD who have a tendency to be conflict-avoidant?  [00:52:46] Marina leaves us with her final thoughts… Resources & Honorable Mentions: Go to coachingrewired.com to learn more about ADHD reWired’s Coaching & Accountability Groups!  Check out the Other Podcasts on the ADHD reWired Podcast Network: with Brendan Mahan with Will Curb with MJ Siemens

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