469 | Masterminding Finishing and Creating Processes with Janelle in the Hot Seat!

In this two-part conversation, Eric is joined by ADHD reWired Coaches Kat Hoyer and Kristin Marts!  Janelle Augustin, who is also an ADHD reWired Coaching group Alumni member, also joins all of the ADHD reWired Coaches in the hot seat to figure out action steps to creating and finishing processes.  Not only will you be able to listen in on the process of the Mastermind, you’ll also hear suggestions for managing multiple steps and tasks, reframing “done”, cues to be reminded to return to unfinished projects, and more.  About Janelle:  Janelle was born in Jamaica but grew up in South Florida and joins us in this episode from Tampa!  As a mom who enjoys gardening and has a love for cooking, Janelle is also an entrepreneur with her business called Nelly’s Fried Creamery, specializing in deep-fried ice cream.   Not long after being diagnosed with ADHD at age 32, Janelle joined ADHD reWired’s Coaching & Accountability Groups and continued her support with the Alumni community.  Through the coaching groups, she developed the self-awareness she needed to learn to advocate for herself and learned what she needed for that self-advocacy.  – – – Curious about our coaching groups? Ready to get your ADHD reWired? Go to coachingrewired.com to learn more, to add your name to our interest list, and to find the most up-to-date information about our upcoming seasons of coaching groups!  Questions/Topics in this Episode: [00:01:40] Introducing Janelle [00:04:45] What is a Mastermind?  [00:05:22] Summarizing the ADHD-related issue in the hot-seat  [00:08:10] Overall themes, encountering the “unfinished”, and picking a life domain [00:14:59] Janelle goes in depth about her previous processes of creating manuals and the ideas of “done” [00:17:58] Questions about master lists, time-management, and getting stuck [00:20:43] Suggestions on starting a process and avoiding procrasti-planning [00:23:32] Delegating, and how to find the “who” [00:30:22] Writing manuals, facing resistance, and the stories we tell ourselves [00:32:28] “What if it’s not good enough?” [00:35:27] “I’ve never been a first-draft kind of gal.”  [00:38:65] Janelle spit-fires a round of processes to be created  [00:41:56] “Where do I dump everything and how do I remember to go back to look at it and organize it?” [00:43:36] “It doesn’t have to be boring!” and other ways to create documentation [00:46:14] Managing task lists  Other Coaching Questions from today’s episode:  What is the smallest domino? Meaning, what is the thing you can do first that will help knock down some of the other barriers and hurdles you may be experiencing that may not seem related, but may actually be related?  A project might turn into a system. How do you visualize that before getting started?  Do you have a master list of what you’d like to accomplish, start-to-finish?  How do you manage your time while working on a project? What are other ways to capture information, other than writing? Do you edit while you write? Check out the Other Podcasts on the ADHD reWired Podcast Network: with Brendan Mahan with Will Curb with MJ Siemens

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