474 | Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction with Emily Sussman

Emily Sussman joins Eric on the podcast today to talk about mindfulness and reducing stress!  Emily, who is a mom and also has ADHD, has over 20 years of experience empowering others, uses mindfulness daily, and is a certified instructor in mindfulness-based stress reduction.  When asked why she practices daily, Emily says, “It’s like breathing!  You must breathe to survive, hence: mindfulness.”  In this episode, you’ll hear about what a “resource” room was, how Emily became an advocate, her experiences going through special education – both as a kid and as a parent, and why saw less success for neurodiverse brains in public schools.  Then, you’ll hear Emily’s definition of mindfulness, how she got started, the struggles she faced through schooling and learning, and then walks us through a meditation!  Get in touch with Emily: LinkedIn   Email:    Other Questions/Topics Answered in this Episode: [00:01:11] Introducing Emily & an ADHD moment  [00:02:48] How did Emily get into mindfulness-based stress reduction?  [00:05:19] As a kid who went through special education, how is it for Emily now, navigating as a parent? [00:07:16] Emily’s observations from public school to alternative schooling  [00:11:51] Emily shares how ADHD was the final piece of the puzzle  [00:21:32] What is Emily’s definition of mindfulness?  What is mindfulness-based stress reduction?  [00:26:55] Happiness and how mindfulness gave Emily a sense of purpose  [00:27:16] Emily shares a relatable ADHD struggle about explaining, expressing, and perspective  [00:28:17] What is a body scan meditation?  Why is it helpful?  [00:31:39] “There’s no such thing as clearing your mind!”  [00:32:56] Eric shares the importance of self-care, experiencing the benefits, and the impact of repetition [00:41:31] Prefacing a mindfulness meditation and suggestions before beginning  [00:45:27] Emily leads us through a meditation [01:00:17] Wrapping up and closing thoughts  Resources & Honorable Mentions: “Once you begin to come out of your shell, that’s when you’re going to start feeling good about yourself, that’s where you’re gonna learn how to learn, and then you find your passion.” – Emily  Check out the Other Podcasts on the ADHD reWired Podcast Network: ADHD Essentials with Brendan Mahan Hacking your ADHD with Will Curb ADHD Diversified with MJ Siemens ⭐️ Registration for our spring season is happening now! Learn more about our award-winning intensive online coaching and accountability groups at coachingrewired.com!  If you’re ready to get your ADHD reWired, that’s coachingrewired.com to start your pre-registration process so you can join us for our last spring 2023 registration event on Thursday, March 23rd at 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern! ⭐️

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