482 | April 2023 Live Q&A with ADHD reWired!

Join the ADHD reWired Team every second Tuesday of the month for our monthly Live Q&A!  Get this episode uninterrupted by ads when you become a Patron at $5.00 a month or more by going to adhdrewired.com/Patreon!  Questions/Topics:  [00:01:06] Welcome & introductions [00:02:44] A listener, who has treatment-resistant depression and asks for tips (other than exercise) to help manage ADHD, moods, and depression [00:13:29] “How are you using ChatGPT and how do you think it is most beneficial to someone with ADHD?” [00:22:14] “Why is it that, with ADHD brains, we can think really fast and great in some situations, but fail in traditional work situations?  If our brains work fast, why do we struggle in the real world?”  [00:28:50] A listener asks about non-prescription nootropics [00:34:43] “What is a good password manager?” [00:36:56] One of the panelists asks for tips to help the transition between seasons easier  [00:44:45] “How should I handle the fact that my ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) – Level 1 diagnosis dismissed my ADHD-combined diagnosis in 2019 as being better explained by autism? Am I ADHD or not? And should I stop by ADHD therapy and focus on Autism therapy, in that it might help indirectly with ADHD?”  [00:50:47] “Is there any research that indicates baseline dopamine levels are negatively impacted, over time, by taking stimulant medication?”  [00:52:44] Closing thoughts 🌟 Have you heard about our Adult Study Hall Community? Go to adultstudyhall.com to join our ADHD-friendly body-doubling community! 🌟 Interested in group coaching and want to take your ADHD management to the next level? Go to coachingrewired.com to get all the up-to-date information on the upcoming season of ADHD reWired’s award-winning Coaching & Accountability groups!

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