514 | Introducing The ADHD Creatives Podcast – with Kristin Marts LCSW

This week, get to know Coach Kristin Marts a little more as Eric and Kristin share a one-on-one conversation about the role and importance of creativity in her life, her history in dance and musical theater, her journey through ADHD reWired’s Coaching & Accountability Groups, what sparked her to become an LCSW, and how she became a coach!  You’ll also hear about her joy of performing, life as a late-diagnosed neurodivergent mom with neurodivergent kids, and so much more!  And, coming soon: Look out for the FULL trailer of The ADHD Creatives Podcast in your favorite podcast player on or before December 29th!   Find Kristin: On her website at TheADHDCreativesPodcast.com As an ADHD reWired Coach at adhdrewired.com And get in touch with Kristin at kmarts@possibilitiestherapycenter.com Questions/Topics: [00:01:22] Introducing Kristin and sharing her story [00:03:52] Finding coaching and getting involved  [00:07:24] Learning about Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) [00:09:20] Thriving in a crisis, improvisation, and perfectionism  [00:11:53] Creativity is “impulsivity gone right” – Dr. Ned Hallowell  [00:12:19] Kristin reflects on her first year of coaching: perfectionism and being yourself [00:16:18] “We are our harshest critics.”  [00:21.44] How the idea of The ADHD Creatives Podcast was born [00:23:23] Introducing a teaser of The ADHD Creatives Podcast trailer [00:24:28] Eric asks about Kristin’s process and experience to create her podcast [00:30:15] Songs, shows, commercials, and a sense of timing  [00:31:56] The experiences Kristin integrates into coaching  [00:36:28] Masking, persona, creativity, forgiveness, and patience  [00:40:53] Thoughts on gifts and superpowers [00:43:34] What inspired Kristin to become an LCSW  [00:50:54] Favorite things about coaching, more about the upcoming new podcast, and closing thoughts   Resources & Honorable Mentions: Book:  The One Thing Join ADHD reWired’s ADHD-friendly online coworking community at adultstudyhall.com! 🌟 Interested in group coaching and want to take your ADHD management to the next level? Go to coachingrewired.com to get all the up-to-date information on the upcoming season of ADHD reWired’s award-winning Coaching & Accountability groups!

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