516 | ADHD reWired’s Coaches Round Table

This week, ADHD reWired Coaches Eric Tivers, Kristin Marts, and Brian Entler get together for the first ever round-table discussion!  You’ll hear stories about troubles and tips for how coaches manage their own transitions, how each person leverages the tools in their ADHD toolbelts, the role of novelty, thriving in a crisis, how different times of day affect each coach, and more!   Send your suggestions and ideas of what you’d like to hear from the coaches in future Coaches Round Table episodes to support@adhdrewired.com with the subject line, “Round Table”  You can hear more from Brian, Kristin, and other past guests in all of our recordings of our monthly Live Q&As!  Find show notes to this episode and all past episodes adhdrewired.com/podcast!   More notes on this amazing episode coming soon!  In the meantime, checkout these resources mentioned on today’s show!  Podcast :: ADHD reWired Episode #342 – Transitions, Balancing Work, and Relations – with Adison Smith Podcast :: ADHD reWired Episode #429 – Growth Cycles with Brian Entler Podcast :: ADHD reWired Episode #514 – Introducing: The ADHD Creatives Podcast with Kristin Marts Book :: The One Thing by Gary W. Kellar and Jay Papasan ADHD reWired Coaching :: About Coach Kristin Marts at https://www.adhdrewired.com/coach-kristin-marts   ADHD reWired Coaching :: About Brian Entler at https://www.adhdrewired.com/coach-brian-entler Join our award-winning Coaching & Accountability Groups at coachingrewired.com  If you love the show and want to support our work, consider becoming a Patron at adhdrewired.com/Patreon 

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