#78 Connection – the secret sauce in navigating your ADHD

In today’s episode, we talk about connection! How do you connect with yourself, the people around you, and your life? What are the impediments to achieving these connections? Why bother? We answer these questions and more. 


Detailed show notes:

  • How to connect with yourself, and how you will feel and operate as a consequence. [2:31]
  • Link to #71 Authenticity – Normalizing ADHD
  • Questions for reflection – connecting with self (it’s worth pausing!) [4:14]
  • Impediments to connecting with the people around us, and what happens when we can overcome them. [4:49]
  • The single question that will shape how you connect with other people – W.I.I.F.M.T.? [7:49]
  • Questions for reflection – connecting with people [8:56]
  • Purpose, happiness, and meaning – how connected are you with your life as a whole? [9:23]
  • Questions for reflection – connecting with life [11:01]
  • Practices to develop your sense of connection with your everyday interactions [11:34]

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