88 – Job seeking & recruitment with an ADHD lens | Guest: Dan Roth

It was my absolute pleasure to have this candid, most genuine conversation with Dan Roth.   He is so damn relatable and lays down some serious truth about job hunting and recruiting for professionals with ADHD.


“I don’t think that job seekers should be so desperate to take any job that they can. Now I understand that finances are. I am not saying that it is not difficult, but if we do a better job in our communication between the recruiter and the job seeker, then at the end of the day, you’re going to be put in the best position where you don’t have to worry about being there a year from now, because you have the long-term to look at.” Dan Roth


Dan shared his personal experience with ADHD, his view as a recruiter supporting neurodiversity in the workplace. Towards the end of this talk, he shares three success tips when looking for a new job. 


Dan, is an internationally recognized recruiter and professional speaker. Having recently been named one of the Top 25 Job Search Experts to Follow by Jobscan, Dan uses his platform to encourage continuous discussions surrounding mental health while being a strong neurodiversity and women’s empowerment advocate and an abolotionist.

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