90: Treating Trauma and direct benefits to ADHD management

In this episode, I open up about my personal story about seeking support to further manage my ADHD through Trauma Therapy.  I knew that this method of therapy was going to be effective and I have always been a huge advocate of therapy but what I didn’t expect was the rapid results that I experienced.       


“In total, some 20–50% of children with a history of Childhood Trauma have clinical levels of ADHD (Glod and Teicher 1996; McLeer et al.1994).” 


Receiving support for mental health is a journey, from long waits to getting the right doctor to finding the right treatment and medication that will work and also the energy that it takes to keep at it.  But once we do get the right support, magic can happen.  I am beyond grateful to have found the right support team to move through this stage of my life.  If you relate to this post and also to this episode, please don’t give up on your healing journey, keep going! I am cheering for your success. 

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