92: Hormonal Fluctuations & ADHD in Women: Navigating for Better Management | Guest Linda Roggli

Discussing the hormonal fluctuation’s impact on ADHD and women is one of the most important episodes I have recorded on the Proudly ADHD Podcast.  Conversations on this topic need to continue and be amplified.   

I truly believe so many women diagnosed with ADHD suffer in silence from the negative impacts of, Puberty, Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), PMS (premenstrual syndrome), Perimenopause, and Menopause. As these hormonal changes hugely impact and amplify the negative traits of ADHD.

In this episode, my special guest Linda Roggli gives us a view into hormones and what happens with our ADHD.  

We also share our personal experiences and measures we have taken to manage the impact.  

We hope that you find this episode useful and please do share and increase awareness of hormones and ADHD.



More about Lind Roggli

Linda Roggli is the creator of the ADHD Palooza series, a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), an award-winning author, and founder of the A-D-Diva Network for ADHD women 40-and-better. She is recognized as an expert in midlife and senior ADHD.

The online Palooza series now includes ADHD Women, ADHD Parents, and ADHD Couples. Linda’s book Confessions of an ADDiva-midlife in the non-linear lane won first prize for women’s issues in the prestigious Next Generation Indy Book Awards competition. She regularly hosts workshops, organizing groups, and retreats for ADHD women at http://addiva.net

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