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Meet Our Visionary Founder

Connecting Body and Mind: A Safe Haven for LGBTQI+ and Neurodiverse Wellness

Imagine blossoming into your best self, mind and body in harmony.

In my role as a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner with substantial expertise in medication management, I recognize its crucial role in nurturing comprehensive well-being. We will collaboratively investigate tailored solutions, incorporating medication as needed, to empower your vibrant journey.

Drawing upon my two decades of experience as a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, I maintain the belief that genuine well-being thrives when physical and mental health intersect. My emphasis on medication management underscores its pivotal role in fostering a harmonious balance for your overall health.

My commitment to supporting communities facing unique challenges, particularly in the LGBTQI+ community, is fueled by my research on stigma and quality of life for people with HIV/AIDS. Identifying as a cisgender gay man (he/him), I create a warm and inclusive space where diverse sexualities, genders, and relationship styles (CNM, ENM, polyamorous, etc.) are celebrated. Neurodiversity is embraced, not ostracized.

Together, we’ll embark on a personalized journey toward empowered well-being. My commitment is to offer a safe and understanding haven where your concerns are addressed with compassion and respect. Recognizing and honoring your unique experiences is the cornerstone of our collaboration.

With specialized expertise in transgender health and extensive experience working with diverse populations, including BIPOC communities, I provide culturally competent care.. Cultural humility guides my approach, allowing me to listen with an open heart and learn from your unique challenges. My dedication to ongoing education fuels my commitment to partnering with you, not dictating solutions.

My mission is to dismantle disparities in mental healthcare, particularly for the LGBTQI+ community and marginalized individuals often labeled as “other.” These communities face staggering statistics: a significant portion of the LGBTQI+ community experiences mental health challenges at disproportionate rates. Transgender individuals and LGBTQI+ youth, in particular, grapple with alarmingly higher rates of suicidal thoughts and attempts. This fuels my drive to break down barriers and offer compassionate support.

I empower YOU. My goal is to equip not only LGBTQI+ individuals but also anyone feeling ostracized with practical tools for resilience and growth. If you resonate with feeling different or on the fringe, know that support is available. Take the first step towards blossoming – schedule an appointment and embark on a journey towards empowered well-being.