ADHD, and not doing it alone! | Guest Brooke Schnittman

One thing I’ve learned about working with my ADHD clients, especially business owners and professionals is that they have the need/urge to do everything themselves and are very reluctant to ask for support.

Even though they are truly gifted in so many ways and highly capable of taking on a lot, it does eventually catch up to them and that’s one of the reasons they end up in my coaching practice. Deligation or Asking for support is not an automatic default mode since most of their lives they have been working so hard to prove to others that they are capable.

In this episode, my guest and colleague Coach Brooke Schnittman and I will talk about the strategic ways of seeking collaboration and asking for support so that you can continue to focus on your strengths while building a solid network to avoid burnout.

Stay to the end of this episode, we have a special announcement to share with you.

About Brooke Schnittman

Coaching with Brooke has partnered with thousands of individuals since 2006 who are struggling with the daily chaos of their ADHD in their personal, professional, and or academic lives. Coaching With Brooke provides individuals with ADHD and executive functioning challenges the tools and accountability to lead an empowered life. It’s the goal of Coaching with Brooke to empower the lives of 10,000 individuals with ADHD over the next 5 years through coaching services, public speaking engagements, and yearly ADHDEdCamp events.

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