ADHD and Social Skills: How to Improve Your Ability to Read Social Cues and Build Connections

In this episode, Caroline Maguire, Author of “Why will no one play with me”? talks to us about how to read the room, how to really understand what’s going on in social settings.

Those of us with ADHD brain, that fast brain that can think of bazillion thoughts in seconds can get in trouble in social settings and feel awkward, or out of place or even worse it can cause us to lose a job or a business deal.

We might come across as rude because we tend to interrupt too much. Or we can make people feel uncomfortable because we share too much and not to mention if we are in a middle of a story we can exhaust the listener because we have the urge to tell them all the little details of the story and not to mention we may even digress a few times because we thought of other related things to add to the story.

So you get the picture! and I am sure you can relate.

So how the heck do you “work a room”, “Manage a conversation?” and “win friends and influence people?” with an ADHD brain. Well, this episode will address a lot of these topics.

Be sure to listen to the section where Caroline talks about friendships and the stages of friendship at the 24:00 minute mark and further goes into how to be an effective listener “be a social spy”.

Get your pen and paper ready to take notes, the entire episode is full of insight and strategies

About Caroline Maguire, ACCG, PCC, M.Ed.

Caroline founded and facilitates a comprehensive SEL training methodology (#ConnectionMatters) for adults, parents, clinicians and academic professionals on how to develop critical social, emotional and communication skills, in themselves and in others. Caroline’s book Why Will No One Play With Me? is a playbook that includes foolproof scripts on how to communicate – with anyone, in any situation – and how to ensure the message registers with the recipient – no small task! Through her private practice, publications, lectures and workshops, her mission is to vanquish the devastating effects of feeling different and misunderstood.

Caroline has been a resource for many journalists as well as leading ADHD organizations and can be seen in publications such as U.S. News & World Report, Huffington Post, ADDitude, Attention Magazine and WebMD.

Please join her on Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, Medium, Pinterest and download her free video “How to Tell a Tighter Story”

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