Heal your Gut, Optimize your Brain | Guest: Jodie Campbell

In this episode, I talk with Jodie Campbell, Nutrition + Digestive Health Coach about the importance of understanding how your Gut can have a direct impact on the brain.    
Did you know that your gut is considered your second brain? We go deep into this conversation, Jodie believes that it all starts with the Gut.  
It is one thing to pay attention to our brain but have you considered all the factors that influence it?  I invite you to this very informative talk with Coach Jodie.  

About Coach Jodie Campbell
Years ago, healing my own digestive system had a massive ripple effect on my whole body. No more migraines, lactose intolerance, IBS, mood swings, poor complexion, sugar cravings, low immunity, PMS, or lack of energy.
Of course, it wasn’t an overnight transformation. It started with multiple doctors visits, fear-based media and marketing that manipulated my food choices, and fad diets with a nauseating amount of conflicting advice.
What I needed more than anything at the time was someone to shoot it to me straight, someone to actually help! And so instead of looking for her, I became her.
I’ve been a Certified Holistic Health Coach for 7 years, with formal training from the Institute of Integrated Nutrition and Nutrition Advisory training for the Sanoviv Medical Institute. Current student at the School for Applied Functional Medicine. Through my ongoing training and deep experiences with hundreds of clients,  I’ve seen firsthand that most people have a compromised digestive tract. With no idea that this is the root source of their frustrating symptoms being experienced throughout their body.   reach out to her on https://jodiecampbell.ca/fixyourguts   follow her on Instagram at @JODIEDCAMPBELL 

Follow me on Instagram at ProudlyADHD_coachcathy  or book a discovery call with me to better understand your brain at www.readysetchoose.com

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