How to Manage ADHD in Relationships: Tips for Nurturing Meaningful Friendships

This episode is one honest back and forth between ADHD Coach and my good friend Sherri Cannon, and me. We each have some aha’s and do some existential pandemic pondering.
Sherri talks about the hairballs of unresolved stuff in our past that can block growth and stop us from becoming better versions of ourselves.
Then we talk about the times we want to let go and vent to a friend, but instead, tell ourselves how together or busy our friend is – who are we to complain?
Self-compassion and curiosity (which Cathy has been making friends with recently ) are essential. These keep us from endless ruminating and all those mental self-beatings.
At 22 mins, you might relate to our experience about the challenges for ADDers in making friends AND the goodness of discovering that lots of different types of friendships feed us.
Stay around (@33mins) for the close as we dive into a whole new topic on cognitive hangovers and talk about what kind of help our uniquely wired brains most need from us.
We felt that this was an important conversation to be shared publicly, as we often see this topic come up in our work with ADHD brains. So we hope that this conversation sparks a new insight for you and also know that you are not alone making sense of your complex brain wiring, we see you, we feel your struggle and are here to support you. 
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