Managing ADHD with Medication | Guest Dr. Sarah Cheyette

It’s one thing to digest and go through the emotions of a late in life diagnosis of Adult ADHD but then comes the big question of “should I take meds or not?”. I have heard so many different viewpoints of ADHD medication from – it’s a big pharma conspiracy, it takes away your creativity, they don’t work, I am scared to try them, to they have been the best thing for me and this list goes on.

So I decided to bring on an expert in this field and have a candid conversation about ADHD and medication. In the episode, Dr. Sarah Cheyette paints a very clear picture of this topic. From when you could consider meds and ADHD to why it may not work for some and works well for others. I could have talked to her for hours on this topic as she is a wealth of knowledge.

So if you are considering and have questions about Medication and ADHD treatment this episode is a must listen to.


Sarah Cheyette, M.D., is a pediatric neurologist who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD and Autism. She has a private practice in Palo Alto, CA where she counsels and treats kids, teens, young adults, and adults. She also writes about ADHD on Psychology Today and has authored two books on the subject: Winning with ADHD and ADHD & The Focused Mind, with the goal of helping young people with ADHD learn to become independent, strong, and successful. She brings a powerful professional perspective on the benefits and limitations of ADHD medication, and the many behavioral adaptations people with ADHD must embrace to thrive with their condition. She is a popular author and speaker on many topics including ADHD, Autism, the brain, teens, adults with ADHD and Autism, physician updates, neurology, focus issues, and recommendations. Download her free copy of Move From Unfocused to Focused Thinking

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