Overcoming Self-Criticism with ADHD: Diann’s Inspiring Journey to Radical Self-Acceptance

In this episode, I was so inspired by Diann’s story on radical self-acceptance. I thoroughly enjoyed her real talk style, wisdom, and her story to Radical Self Acceptance.

One of the common themes that I come across working with professionals and entrepreneurs are around self-acceptance. Even though most of them have been able to achieve amazing things in their life, there is this undercurrent running in their minds around how they truly view themselves and if are unresolved issues during stressful times the inner critic becomes loud with voices of “not good enough”, “I should be doing it better”, “I am not pushing hard enough”. I am sure you can relate.

I enjoy listening to Diann’s podcast so much that I invited her to my show so that she can give us some of her insights on self-acceptance. I am sure you will relate in some way to her story and hope that you gain a few insights through her wisdom.

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About Diann Wingert:

Diann Wingert is a mindset and productivity coach for female entrepreneurs who identify with the traits of ADHD, officially diagnosed or not. During her 20-year career as a licensed psychotherapist, Diann saw many brilliant and ambitious women struggle with unidentified ADHD, including Diann herself. Since her own mid-life diagnosis, she now mentors women who are “driven but distracted” to overcome procrastination, perfectionism, and people-pleasing so they can craft a life and business they love.

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