Why we struggle with starting and finishing tasks with ADHD | Guest Rick Green

In May of 2020, I did an IG TV interview with Rick Green – Founder of totallyadd.com on the topic of why ADDers have challenges starting tasks and even following through. Rick shared so many practical insights and approaches that I wanted to capture and share the audio file here.

These are some of our talking points :

  • Why it is important to get clear when starting
  • How overwhelm can get in the way of starting a task
  • BoringTasks that have a lot of emotion behind them
  • how to work with your strengths to get through a task
  • how self-esteem plays a big role in task initiation and follow-through
  • the power of visualization can make a difference in your approach
  • Perfectionism is another hurdle to overcome when it comes to task initiation and follow-through
  • why it’s beneficial to get have a support system around you to hold keep you on track (towards the 20 min mark, this piece of his approach really was beneficial for me)

About Rick Green:

Rick Green, M.C., OOnt, BSc, is an award-winning comedy writer, producer, and director with over 700 episodes of radio and television to his credit. After he received a diagnosis of ADHD he began a 20-year exploration of this disorder. In 2009 he and his wife, Ava, created the ground-breaking program, ADD & Loving It?!, the TotallyADD.com website, a PBS sequel, ADD & Mastering It!, a dozen full-length programs on ADHD featuring top experts, and over 100 short videos that cover every aspect of ADHD.

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