93: ”Yes, you can talk about mental health at work!” | Guest Melissa Doman, MA

In this episode I am speaking with Melissa Doman, MA, Author of Yes, You Can Talk About Mental Health at Work (Here’s Why And How To Do It Really Well).

We talk about mental health in the workplace and why now more than ever this is so important to be talked about in the workplace. 

Her book is a fantastic handbook on how to approach this sensitive conversation in the workplace.  We addressed the approach of self-advocacy in the workplace as an individual contributor and a leader, the “toxic positivity trend”, and so much more. 

This episode is dedicated to all who are in the workplace and managing mental health. I genuinely wish I had Melissa’s book back in the day in my corporate life, her book is a must-have in each team. 


From the amazon book listing:

Taking a realistic approach, through research, stories of lived experience and applied techniques that anyone can use, the book includes information on:-

  • How we bring our beliefs and experiences around mental health and mental illness into the workplace
  • The importance of understanding how the language we use, consciously or unconsciously, impacts us
  • Ways to manage the challenges around having mental health conversations at work
  • ‘How-to’ conversation guides
  • Concrete tips on ways to action this education individually or at a team level

After reading this book, you’ll feel empowered and equipped to have constructive, meaningful conversations about mental health in your workplace



About Melissa:

Melissa Doman, MA is an Organizational Psychologist, Former Clinical Mental Health Therapist, & Author of Yes, You Can Talk About Mental Health at Work (Here’s Why And How To Do It Really Well). Melissa works with companies across industries around the globe – including clients like Google, Dow Jones, Microsoft, Salesforce, Siemens, Estée Lauder, & Janssen.


She’s been featured as a subject matter expert in Vogue, the BBC, CNBC, Inc., and in LinkedIn’s 2022 Top 10 Voices on Mental Health. Having lived abroad in South Korea, England, Australia and traveled to 45+ countries, Melissa calls upon her global experiences to inform how she works with companies around the world. She has one core goal: to equip companies, individuals, and leaders to have constructive conversations about mental health in the workplace. Her work and book aim to accomplish just that.

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