413 | From HR to ArC with ADHD reWired Coach, Kat Hoyer

Returning to the podcast is Kat Hoyer, a recovering HR Specialist who hosts our Career Accelerator Sessions (or CAASH+) in ADHD reWired’s Adult Study Hall Community. Get to know Kat even more in this episode, amd invite you to join us in welcoming Kat Hoyer as ADHD reWired’s newest coach to the coaching team! You’ll hear even more about Kat’s story about how she pivoted from her dream job in human resources to becoming a life and career coach, then the steps leading up to her officially joining the ADHD reWired Coaching Team.  In this Episode: So, who is Kat Hoyer? How did Kat make the transition from HR to Career Coaching to Life-Coaching?  Is Kat still involved with the HR Community? Is the perception of ADHD and Neurodiversity really shifting in the workplace? What compelled Kat to make the change to join the ADHD reWired Coaching Team? What is Kat most excited about when the spring-season of coaching groups arrives?  What values does Kat bring to coaching? What does Kat feel will be her greatest opportunities for growth?  This year, I have a word – it is “enough”. I am really working on understanding that sometimes, it’s okay to be where you are and not be pushing myself… and sometimes “enough” is where I need to live. Kat Hoyer

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