460 | Hustle Culture & Toxic Productivity with Brittany Berger

This week, Eric is joined by Brittany Berger, the founder of WorkBrighter.co, a digital media company and community that helps disabled, chronically-ill, mentally-ill, and neurodivergent creatives better balance between work, play, and rest, so they can burnout less. She started Work Brighter after 5 years working at a high-stress startup that prioritized hustle, growth, and scaling over health.  As a “multiply-disabled” human, her body eventually had enough of the constant burnout cycle.  Now that Brittany has escaped hustle culture, she spends her time helping others like her to find balance for themselves, advocating for disability justice, and dancing – always dancing!  Find out more at https://workbrighter.co or at Brittany’s Instagram @workbrighter Other Questions/Topics Answered in this Episode: [00:02:18] Eric and Brittany talk about workaholism, overachieving, and burning out.  [00:05:11] Brittany shares her inner dialogue after making the decision to create the life she wanted to transition towards.  [00:06:29] Accepting being not a part of hustle culture.  [00:07:56] Brittany talks about the “why” behind starting WorkBrighter.  [00:10:30] Eric and Brittany talk about exploring autism.  [00:21:38] What is Spoon Theory?  [00:23:54] A discussion on time and energy management.  [00:24:51] “Eat that frog!”  [00:28:27] A conversation about deep work [00:31:10] The importance of thinking of our time as being flexible.   [00:37:47] How did Brittany start to change her life to better suit her needs?  [00:40:59] Brittany shares more strategies she’s put into place to let her Work Brighter. [00:42:14] A discussion on managing email and batching tasks.  [00:49:39] Brittany gives a closing thought. Resources & Honorable Mentions: Article: Article:   Book:   Book:   Check out the Other Podcasts on the ADHD reWired Podcast Network: with Brendan Mahan with Will Curb with MJ Siemens  

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