86 – Don’t Dis-My-Ability: A Discussion On Neurodiversity | Guest Shawn Smith

“Rather than be defined by a label, I choose to challenge the boundaries of its perceived limitations.” Shawn Smith


I had the pleasure of speaking with Shawn Smith, M.Ed., CCC about ADHD, ASD and his personal journey with it all, and how he supports his clients as a counselor/therapist. 

This conversion was such a delight, Shawn has an amazing way to capture your attention and get to the heart of the discussion. 


I enjoyed talking about

  • ADHD and Medication, the long journey to finding treatment that supports ADHD, and how his own experience of medication
  • He shares a unique approach to building confidence through creating challenges 
  • Shawn was recently diagnosed with ASD in addition to his ADHD, he shares how this diagnosis shows up in his life 
  • Navigating friendships as a neurodivergent thinker
  • How to manage rigid thinking 
  • I especially enjoyed his view on masking in social settings and setting boundaries  
  • “no one said being awesome is going to be easy”, Shawn Smith.


More About Shawn

Neurodivergent (Autistic and ADHD) Psychotherapist, Consultant, and founder of Don’t dis-my-ability®, a multifaceted company that utilizes my unique gifts that come by way of being uniquely gifted and neurodivergent.


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