Is your ADHD brain wiring holding you back at work? | Guest: Sherri Cannon

In this episode, I speak with Executive Coach, and Faculty member of ADD Coach Acadamy, Sherri Cannon. 
She shares how she moved from up the corporate ladder from sales to becoming a leadership development Coach/Facilitator in Silicon Valley. Like my previous guests, Sherri was also diagnosed with Adult ADHD late in life.
During this episode we talk about: how ADHD can hold you back from reaching your ultimate potential and impact your work/business Understanding what your style of learning is and how you can tap into your strengths so you can succeed at work the importance of actively understanding your brain so that you make it work for you instead of you being reactive to it, especially in times of stress, change and transition How to address the imposter syndrome when it comes to ADHD and how working with the right coach you can remove limiting thoughts that have held you back About Sherri Cannon
This is how I became an ADHD coach.
In career #1, I was a consumer products sales rep/manager (that’s a classy way of saying I sold soap and fabric softener to grocery stores and loved it). In the second, I traveled the public seminar circuit leading communication and leadership skills workshops around North America.
When I developed a love for change management work with business teams, it took me to Silicon Valley, home of fast companies, geeks and a higher than average percentage of neuro-diverse folks. As an Executive Coach and Group Facilitator, I found my people and my calling. About that time, I also got my own ADHD diagnosis.
In 2015, I added ADHD coaching to my practice. I’ve found my happy place here — coaching leaders, individual contributors, entrepreneurs, retirees, and career seekers to live more fulfilling lives by understanding and partnering effectively with their unique brain wiring.
As you can see from my own path, going toward what calls and interests me has opened new cool doors.
As I went through my own ADDCA training, I hoped I’d one day teach others and help them experience the richness and reassurance of this ADHD community.  When ADDCA invited me to join the faculty in 2018, it was the perfect intersection of my love of teaching with my desire to share this wealth with other learners.
In 2019, I proudly joined the PAAC Board of Directors as Volunteer Chair and I look forward to starting my PAAC accreditation process in 2020. You can connect with Sherri Cannon
Resources that we talked about: Additude Magazine – inside the ADHD mind Adult ADHD Self-Report Scales (ASRS) – [Self-Test] Do I Have ADHD? Symptom Test for Adults Follow Coach Cathy on Instagram at ProudlyADHD_coachcathy
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