418 | Struggling to Structure the Day: A Coaching Conversation with Laura Kane

In this episode, Eric is joined by Alumni member Laura Kane. Laura is a transplant from Boston living with her rescue dog in Delray Beach, Florida. Just prior to the pandemic, Laura discovered a love of nature photography and is incredibly grateful for this gift. Most days, she can be found taking pictures of birds, alligators, and other assorted wildlife. Her top bucket-list item is to go on a safari. Creating structure and sticking with it is a constant struggle for her, but she refuses to give up!  Listen in as Eric and Laura work together to build her daily structure, the why behind the desire to create the structure, and how uncomfortable it can be to accept praise when sharing our joy. You’ll also hear about the significance and impact of accountability, how Laura’s passion gives her purpose, the anxiety of implementation and commitment, and understanding how the all-or-nothing mindset can actually get in the way.  Laura’s Instagram: Where does the narrative of comparing oneself to others, not feeling good enough, stems from? How can you cue the “why” behind the routine?  How easy is it to create back-up plans ahead of time versus in-the-moment? How is exercise helpful? What about online exercise classes? What barriers can get in the way of building habits/derailing our habits? How do you strengthen accountability?  What’s the story behind “having” to ask for help?  What’s the story behind believing we have to do things by ourselves?  How do we get our goals met? How do we structure our day when we’re the only ones depending on the structure?  How has the pandemic affected building habits and routines? Resources & Honorable Mentions:

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